YourSpokes is the only mobile app designed to encourage social interaction while cycling. It's not about besting your friends in speed or mileage, although that's fun too, Its about connecting with other people while discovering new roads and trails safely. You can comment on and encourage family and friends as the explore new destinations around the corner or the World. Create teams, start a charity race for those in need!

YourSpokes users will be rewarded for every mile they ride with Mileons. Mileons, like coupons are good for discounts at local shops and restaurants so you're socializing can continue and grow. Soon all major retail stores will accept Mileons.

Here's how it works: Once you sign in everyone logged into
YourSpokes can see where you are and will be able to send you messages with information on the road or trail. YourSpokes allows you to leave comments about the conditions, so riders can assess the new road or trail before they ride it. This allows the YourSpokes community to stay safe by knowing the challenges or hazards of the road or trail in addition to the fun of riding.  Most of all someone you trust knows where you are how fast your going and where you’re headed.  All these features are at your command. 

YourSpokes mapping systems enables visually challenged riders the ability to view a large map but also hear direction so you're never lost no matter what part of the world your cycling in. We are here to help the physically challenged rider navigate with confidence.

R.I.D.E. Rider in Distress Emergency: is an emergency feature which will alert a family member or friend of a cycling emergency.

Accurate Bike Computer:  We provide an accurate bike computer that captures your speed, distance, calories and other riding data for all your bikes not just one.

Road Conditions Report: Report pot holes, road closures, road kill, flat tire, and accidents. 

Races: Create your own race and challenge the world. Create your Charity race and encourage others to do the same for your causes.

Rally Points: Create your own rally point and start your own bike pack.

Aggregate Cycling Data: For State local municipalities are able to see the progress of bike planning

Mobile Medical Sciences:
Some of these features are coming soon in our 2.0 Version. 


Keeping America Strong with YourSpokes!

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